Dumplings with Meat

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The filling of these traditional dumplings consists of pork meat, onion, garlic, marjoram, salt and pepper.

In the Dumplings Factory we have been putting these rules into practice since the very beginning, i.e. since 2018 because we understand how important it is not to be disappointed with expectations and not to lose the trust of our customers. Many have tasted dumplings – both the traditional ones and their varieties. Many turned a blind eye, ate for a moment, and then nodded their heads contentedly. We are very much involved in the whole process of making pierogies and other delicatessen products, and therefore we could not under any circumstances make any compromises involving the use of inferior quality ingredients.

Each dumpling, whether small or large, is always made the traditional way. And while it’s probably hard to believe since they all look pretty much the same, we owe it to our years of experience. We won’t lie if we say that over the years we have made hundreds of pierogi. This has given us a great deal of experience as well as eliminated all errors and also shortcomings from them. We can now openly admit that we make some of the best pierogies in all of Gorzów.

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Customer Reviews

Tasty place! 🙂 I recommend to all gourmets, fans of homemade dumplings, croquettes and stuffed cabbage. One more delicious than the other. Such cabbage rolls can only be made by mom 😉
After the recent change, Dumplings Factory is definitely the best dumplings restaurant in Gorzów. Plus friendly staff, everything clean and nicely served.
Keep it up!
I definitely recommend it.

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The dumpling house has been operating for many years, although a major renovation was carried out this year. The friendly staff helps the undecided on what they would like. When it comes to sweet cheese dumplings, kopytka (potato dumplings) and ruskie (russian dumplings), I must admit that they are very tasty. A delicate and fairly thin cake. Good ratio of stuffing to dough. There are often new flavors on offer. Attractive prices.

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